Alocasia Jacklyn Care

Alocasia Jacklyn Care

How to care for Alocasia jacklyn is not much different from other Alocasia. This plant is suitable for keeping indoors or outdoors in direct sunlight. The original habitat of this plant is cold at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.
The following is how to care for Alocasia Jacklyn:

  • Growing media

Alocasia jacklyn is suitable for planting in porous soil with good drainage. Mix the soil with peat moss and perlite. This functions to maintain humidity so that it can provide good drainage. 

The combination of moss and perlite is right and according to the portions. Can help provide nutrition without excess moisture. Peat moss functions as a soil fertilizer. To help the healthy growth of Alocasia. You can add gravel to help speed up the flow of water in the pot. So that there is no puddle of water when watering.

  • Watered

This plant must be watered frequently to keep the soil moist. This plant cannot grow if the soil is dry. However, don't water it with too much water. Because this plant will die if the soil is wet. 

It is recommended to water this plant frequently. But you need to remember to keep the planting medium moist and not wet.

  • Fertilization

When fertilizing Alocasia jacklyn, it is more advisable to use organic fertilizer. So that your plants can grow well. Because with organic fertilizer when you water it will not leave chemicals in the pot, which can cause the roots to burn. 

If you use chemical fertilizer, when you water the plant it will cause a buildup of mineral salts in the pot. If you use chemical fertilizer, when you water, let the water run overnight, so that the chemicals can evaporate and can raise the water temperature to room temperature. 

To maintain the nutrients contained in this plant, fertilize when the Alocasia plant is 5 weeks old.

  • Pruning

The final way to care for Alocasia Jacklyn is pruning. When pruning, cut at the base of the leaf stem. and cut off leaves that look old, dry or where the leaves are less pleasing to the eye.

Use a sharp knife or scissors to make pruning easier. Pruning the leaves will help trigger the growth of new shoots. So the plants will look more beautiful and charming.

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