Causes of Plant Leaves Like Burning

Causes of Plant Leaves Like Burning

Have the leaves of your favorite plants ever burned? Although it is a common problem, of course it will worry you. This condition is a natural response shown by a plant when it feels something is not right in its anatomy. 

There are several factors that can cause the leaves of your ornamental plants to burn:

  • Direct Sun Exposure

Basically, ornamental plants have properties that are almost similar to our skin, if they are exposed to direct sunlight and for a long time, they will become charred or blackened.

  • Too Often Watering Plants

Like the previous point. Too much sunlight can burn the leaves and too much water can stress the plant. The result is that the plant will respond with yellowish leaves.

  • Air Humidity

The cause of burnt plant leaves is the surrounding environment or humidity. Generally, the leaves of ornamental plants turn yellow and burn as a natural response.

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