Questions related to delivery


How long will the package be sent after payment?

In general, we separate the waiting period process into two phases:

  • Phase 1 Export Permit Submission to Ministry of Agriculture in Indonesia & Phytosanitary process. This 1st phase usually takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Phase 2 The delivery process of the expedition duration depends on the designated country, please regularly check your email, as sometimes it is delayed by the customs in your country. Please take a look at the estimated time of arrival for some countries.

Do you ship internationally and is the process legal?

Yes, we do, the countries are listed in the Shipping Rates. The countries that are not listed are of course welcome to ask and request the shipping, as long as the customers are aware of the regulations and the requirements around the area. The process is legal, the shipment will be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate and other supporting documents.

Is there any taxes & import duty fees in the destination country?

Each country has different regulations, and even in the US, the regulation is different for each state. Please take note that all forms of taxes and inspection fees in the destination country are the responsibility of the buyer.

Which expedition service do you use?

In general, we use DHL express and EMS. However, we also provide shipping via air cargo. You can contact us first, if you want to make shipments via air cargo. Because we charge different rates for Air Cargo services.

Does the buyer have to have an import permit?

Policies in each country are different. For now, countries that require import permits to purchase cross-border plants are the USA, CANADA, HONGKONG, PHILIPPINES, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE. Contact or look at the website of the department of agriculture to find out the policy updates.

Where can I get my tracking number?

You will get your waybill number via email or whatsapp once we have shipped the plant.



What payment methods do you accept?

For our main payment method we use PayPal. However, we also accept payments via other methods such as : Bank Transfer, WISE and Western Union

Which currency will I be charged in?

You will be charged in USD depending on the website you are on. Your bank will apply the corresponding conversion rate of the currency you choose.



What if the plants are damaged?

You can send us a message to claim the damages through our contacts.

Can I get a refund?

If there are permanent damages, we can offer you a refund, please prepare the proof of damages to claim the refund.

Refunds for the damaged plants are full of the damages, phytosanitary certificate, shipping fee, and other taxes are excluded from the

Are the resend or reship free?

There will be a resend fee for $45, if you are not up to the requirements, please kindly contact us and we can arrange it accordingly.

Is there any discount or store credits if my plants arrived damaged?

Yes, we can offer you a discount or store credits if you are planning to make another purchase in the future. However, it cannot be combined with the refund/resend options.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes you can. We provide 2x24 hours for any changes or cancellations to orders. Please contact us as soon as possible for changes or cancellations.

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